Work with Girl Scouts Greater Los Angeles to make a difference in their communities.



Promote environmental sustainability & management of vectors and vector-borne diseases.



Teach troop members about a range of vector-related topics: Ecology, public health, management, etc.

Vector Inspector

Patch Program

Vector Control Districts around Los Angeles County need your help! They do all they can to prevent mosquitoes from reproducing, biting, and making people sick but can’t do it alone.


By learning and completing activities in the VECTOR CONTROL PATCH, you will gain knowledge about mosquitoes and understand why controlling them around your neighborhoods really matters.  


Sharing what you have learned will increase mosquito awareness and protect friends and family members in your communities, and help us fight the bite.

Wild Kratts Quiz  (A)

PSA   (D)

After the Patch program is complete, you will:


  • ​Know how to keep mosquitoes out of your community

  • Understand how pollution and dirty water can impact public health 

  • Become familiar with mosquito anatomy/ecology and identify the life stages of mosquitoes

  • Understand why mosquitoes suck blood

  • Know how to protect yourself from mosquito bites


  • Recognize the differences between the two major species of mosquitoes

  • Be empowered to make a difference

Breeding Source Hunt (C)

Scout Guide  (E)

Anatomy Document  (B)

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