Mosquitoes Have Rights Too 

Who we are:  MHRT

 We are a non-profit group that have come together to speak for the winged beauties that the world has murdered since the beginning of human existence. We are the protectors of these innocent insects and we will fight like the crusaders, like the three musketeers and like Jon Snow until they have a

safe haven to call home. 

Killing innocent
living things is what humans do best


Every day thousands of mosquitoes are killed by Vector Control agencies telling people to dump and drain standing water out they have in their homes. The precious larvae and pupae are forever changed.


They cannot SURVIVE without water. The problem is the way we think about mosquitoes. They bite us, yes, but only because they need it to procreate and let their species grow and thrive!

If someone were to dump baby dolphins out of a tank, people would go nuts!!! It is the reputation we humans have thrust upon these veined winged epic creatures.



Spread the word, tell your neighbors to keep all their water to revive the species and bring this mosquito genocide awareness out in the open!

No longer will we allow the pink mosquito to fly around the room! So what if they suck our blood??!! Its a sacrifice we are willing to make. So what if they spread disease?!! They have been doing it for millions of years and by accident! How are 2 million people dying from these diseases their fault?? Its the viruses and parasites at fault. The mosquito is a victim to these horrible organisms. 


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