Online Programs

Discover a whole new world of mosquitoes like you have never seen! From the mosquito dance to building your own microscope, we have interactive programs for all ages! 

Kids Drawing
K-2nd Grade

Experience the lifecycle of a mosquito, create a picture journal and learn the mosquito DANCE!

Kids in Art Class
3rd-4th Grade

Get your compound eyes ready for  a buggy good time! Go in depth with the internal organs of a mosquito a learn how they suck our blood!

Chemistry Students
5th-8th Grade

Become your own Vector Inspector! Break the case of the egg laying blood sucker! Discover how we control mosquitoes and design your own experiment to control mosquitoes! 

Experimenting in Lab
9th-12th Grade

Build your own microscope with the fold-scope program! Learn the microscopic world of mosquitoes!

This program will prepare you and your class to become official Vector Inspectors!

 By the end of this program your students will:

  • Know how to keep mosquitoes out of their community

  • Understand how pollution and dirty water can impact health 

  • Be familiar with mosquito anatomy and identifying  the life stages of mosquitoes

  • Understand why mosquitoes suck blood

  •  Know how to protect themselves from bites

  • Recognize the differences between two major types of mosquitoes

  • Be empowered to make a difference!