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Discover a whole new world of mosquitoes like you have never seen! From the mosquito dance to building your own microscope, we have interactive programs for all ages! 

K-2nd Grade

Experience the lifecycle of a mosquito, create a picture journal and learn the mosquito DANCE!

3rd-4th Grade

Get your compound eyes ready for  a buggy good time! Go in depth with the internal organs of a mosquito a learn how they suck our blood!

5th-8th Grade

Become your own Vector Inspector! Break the case of the egg laying blood sucker! Discover how we control mosquitoes and design your own experiment to control mosquitoes! 

9th-12th Grade

Build your own microscope with the fold-scope program! Learn the microscopic world of mosquitoes!

This program will prepare you and your class to become official Vector Inspectors!

 By the end of this program your students will:

  • Know how to keep mosquitoes out of their community

  • Understand how pollution and dirty water can impact health 

  • Be familiar with mosquito anatomy and identifying  the life stages of mosquitoes

  • Understand why mosquitoes suck blood

  •  Know how to protect themselves from bites

  • Recognize the differences between two major types of mosquitoes

  • Be empowered to make a difference!

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