Welcome Teachers!

Activity 3

This is a great opportunity for your class to use

your creative side, teamwork and your

thinking caps.


To win the Vector Inspector Superhero Contest, 

you will need to come up with an artistic piece that incorporates educating the public about mosquitoes and how to protect themselves.

Pick one of the

following projects:

Art project

 Create a poster, 3D model,

a skit, comic book, or any other form of artist expression with your class using what you have learned!

We know that the sky is the limit!


Now, devise and implement a plan to share what you have created with your school and/or in your community. Spread the word and become Vector Inspector Superhero!


  Create a PSA


Get creative! Grab a smart phone, tablet or a video camera to help you produce your very own PSA (public service announcement) teaching your community how to reduce mosquitoes around the neighborhood.