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SWAT Lab Reviews

"The SWAT lab brings a whole new level of excitement, curiosity and knowledge to the world of mosquitoes. It is a great way to bring awareness to the community by using the best and most up to date technology"

-Ryan Dixon AKA "Metamorphosis: Singer and writer for mosquito rap

"It was an awesome experience having the SWAT lab available where the public can learn everything regarding mosquitoes. My best experience was the interactive display which is state of the art! For the public to experience this opportunity, WOW.. again what an awesome experience!! Looking forward to future collaborations." 

-Hector Inzuna, Regional Park Superintendent

Los Angeles County Fish  Game Warden for Deane Dana Friendship Park

"The SWAT Lab is a super exciting way to learn about mosquitoes. The kids were engaged with the material the entire time, especially the 3D model of the mosquito - so cool! I think they learned a lot being there and I learned a few things too."

-Alison Bray

Environmental Health Specialist